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Syrian film director banned from US

bbc.co.uk : 35 minutes ago

A 21-year-old Syrian who filmed an Oscar-nominated documentary has been banned from entering America.

Pete Buttigieg drops out of DNC race

msnbc.com : 39 minutes ago

As Democrats are meeting to pick the new party's leader, Indiana Mayor, Pete Buttigieg, has dropped out of the race.

Syria: Twin attacks on Homs security bases kill dozens

bbc.co.uk : 40 minutes ago

A militant group says it was behind attacks by gunmen and suicide bombers on two security bases.

Kim Jong-nam killing: Suspect 'was paid $90 for baby oil prank'

bbc.co.uk : 1.2 hours ago

Indonesian woman Siti Aisyah is interviewed over the death of the North Korean leader's half-brother.

Olathe shooting: My husband loved America, says widow

bbc.co.uk : 1.4 hours ago

Widow of Srinivas Kuchibhotla, who was killed in a suspected race crime, tells the BBC he came to the US "full of dreams".

Seoul rally against South Korea's President Park

bbc.co.uk : 1.5 hours ago

Hundreds of thousands of protesters hold a rally demanding that South Korea's president resign.

Heidelberg car attack injures three

bbc.co.uk : 1.9 hours ago

A man drives a car into a pedestrian area and is shot by police after a standoff.

Witches cast 'mass spell' against Donald Trump

bbc.co.uk : 2.9 hours ago

Thousands of followers of witchcraft say they cast a spell to stop the US president causing harm.

Democratic party picks new leader Sat.

msnbc.com : 3.1 hours ago

Jonathan Capehart and our panel ask the question: what are the most important roles and strategies of the next leader of the Democratic National Committee?

The White House, the FBI, and the Russia...

msnbc.com : 3.4 hours ago

According to reports, the FBI declined a request from the White House to knock down reports of contact between the Trump campaign and Russia. What are the implications? Jonathan Capehart and our...

James O'Connor and Ali Williams held on Paris cocaine charge

bbc.co.uk : 3.4 hours ago

The former Australian and New Zealand internationals were buying cocaine, police sources say.

Trump Paris jibe: Mayor uses Mickey Mouse to fight back

bbc.co.uk : 3.5 hours ago

Anne Hidalgo pushes back against jibes with a tweet celebrating Paris's "dynamism and openness".

Recapping Trump's first month in office

msnbc.com : 3.7 hours ago

In just 36 days, Donald Trump has created numerous controversies and promoted unpopular policies. Jonathan Capehart and his panel discuss what the future of the Trump administration may be, and the...

Transgender rights under fire in Trump era

msnbc.com : 4.1 hours ago

The White House wants to make transgender rights a states' issue, in the wake of Donald Trump reversing protections for transgender students implemented by the Obama administration. Jonathan...

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