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'Sorcery' delays Papua New Guinea election count

bbc.co.uk : 4 minutes ago

The count in Papua New Guinea's election is delayed in one province following accusations of witchcraft.

Five Ukraine troops die in fierce clash with Donetsk rebels

bbc.co.uk : 17 minutes ago

The US says it was the most serious fighting in eastern Ukraine so far this year.

Israel boosts security in Jerusalem Old City amid tensions

bbc.co.uk : 37 minutes ago

Some Palestinians call for a "day of rage" over metal detectors at the Old City holy site.

Greece-Turkey earthquake: Two killed on island of Kos

bbc.co.uk : 45 minutes ago

At least 100 are injured on the Greek island of Kos after the 6.7-magnitude quake in the Aegean Sea.

North Korea tourism: US 'to ban Americans from visiting'

bbc.co.uk : 48 minutes ago

Two travel agencies say they have been told the ban will be announced on 27 July.

Outcry as Chinese school makes iPads compulsory

bbc.co.uk : 51 minutes ago

A Chinese school is criticised by parents and social media users for making children bring an iPad.

Trump snub?

bbc.co.uk : 1.5 hours ago

Japan woke up on Friday morning to intense scrutiny of its First Lady's proficiency in English.

'American nightmare'

bbc.co.uk : 1.9 hours ago

Justine Damond's case has shocked Minneapolis, but it is being watched as closely in her home country.

India musician plays guitar during brain surgery

bbc.co.uk : 3.6 hours ago

Abhishek Prasad played the instrument to help doctors treat involuntary muscle spasms in his hand.

Trump legal team spokesman Mark Corallo resigns, reports say

bbc.co.uk : 5.8 hours ago

Reports say Mark Corallo disagreed with an alleged strategy to discredit the Russia investigation.

New agreement will allow US rice exports to China

bbc.co.uk : 6 hours ago

Agreement includes strict measures to prevent pests and plant diseases being brought into China.

It's been 48 years since the moon landing,...

msnbc.com : 6.6 hours ago

The 48th Year Anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the moon begs the question: when will another human set foot on the brightest object in the night sky?

Venezuela crisis: Deadly clashes as millions join strike

bbc.co.uk : 6.6 hours ago

Three people are killed across the country as pressure grows on President Maduro to cancel election.

President Trump Raises Questions of Pardons

msnbc.com : 7.4 hours ago

Amid breaking news from the Washington Post and New York Times, the 11th Hour panel weighs in on the Trump White House plan to undercut special counsel Robert Mueller.

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