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Christie aide: He knew about 'traffic study'

news.yahoo.com : 31 minutes ago

Bridget Kelly, Gov. Chris Christie's former deputy chief of staff, is accused of plotting to close lanes on the G.W. Bridge.

Exclusive: The New Yorker to endorse Clinton

msnbc.com : 51 minutes ago

Rachel Maddow offers an exclusive preview of the New Yorker magazine's endorsement of Hillary Clinton coming on Monday.

European Parliament head tries to save EU-Canada trade talks

bbc.co.uk : 53 minutes ago

The European Parliament president calls for emergency meetings to try to save a free trade deal with Canada, after a Belgian region blocked it.

Trump Facebook fundraising an enticing option

msnbc.com : 1 hours ago

Rachel Maddow shows how Donald Trump's political path may turn to a media role similar to Sarah Palin, and notes that Trump's raising $9 million dollars in a two hour Facebook broadcast was probably...

On this day in campaign history

msnbc.com : 2 hours ago

What was happening at this point in other American elections 18 days before election day? All In takes a deep dive into the archives to find out.

Sci-fi Iraq

bbc.co.uk : 2.5 hours ago

From dome gardens and psychedelic insects to an apocalyptic vision of corpse trading, Iraqi writers imagine their homeland 100 years after the US invasion.

Russia accuses UK over 'shrinking' London embassy

bbc.co.uk : 2.6 hours ago

The Russian ambassador to the UK accuses the government of delaying the granting of visas to staff at the country's embassy in London.

In limbo

bbc.co.uk : 2.8 hours ago

Spain's economy is doing perfectly well, but it has been without a government for over 300 days and is eyeing Belgium's record 541 days with no administration.

Could the 'Akin effect' be at play this year?

msnbc.com : 3 hours ago

To win in 18 days, Trump would need something to radically shake up this race...or for the polls to be very wrong.

From books to cosmetics

bbc.co.uk : 3 hours ago

One of the world's leading feminists is not the obvious choice to be the face of a make-up brand, but Boots has just made Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie the face of No7.

My ancestors, and me

bbc.co.uk : 3.1 hours ago

Author and historian William Dalrymple connects with his past in the Indian city of Kolkata, and brings back some glorious photos.

Bridgegate trouble grows for Christie

msnbc.com : 3.2 hours ago

Bridget Anne Kelly testifies that she told the governor about the lane closures before they happened, despite his claim to the contrary.

Venezuela opposition accuses government of 'coup'

bbc.co.uk : 3.2 hours ago

Venezuela's opposition accuses the government of staging a coup by blocking their drive to hold a referendum on removing President Maduro from office.

Schilling considers run against Sen. Warren

msnbc.com : 3.9 hours ago

Chris Matthews talks to former Boston Red Sox pitcher and Donald Trump supporter, Curt Schilling, about why he's considering a run for office to challenge Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

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