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Trump fears 'major, major conflict' with North Korea

bbc.co.uk : 26 minutes ago

The US president also says China's Xi Jinping is "trying very hard" to end the North Korea crisis.

Trump says he misses life before he became US president

bbc.co.uk : 28 minutes ago

Mr Trump says he misses life before he was elected - and social media users couldn't agree more.

Pres. Trump's unconventional approach to...

msnbc.com : 48 minutes ago

Former FBI agent Clint Watts and Christopher Hill, former U.S. ambassador of South Korea, discuss President Trump's new comments on North Korea and America's options for dealing with its volatile...

Africa's top shots

bbc.co.uk : 60 minutes ago

A selection of the best photos from across Africa this week.

Pope Francis to visit Egypt as 'messenger of peace'

bbc.co.uk : 60 minutes ago

The visit of Francis comes three weeks after deadly bomb attacks on two Coptic Christian churches.

Trump signals risk of 'major, major...

msnbc.com : 1.3 hours ago

President Trump says he would prefer a diplomatic solution, but the use of force remains on the table.

Thai court seeks Red Bull heir arrest after five years

bbc.co.uk : 1.4 hours ago

Vorayuth Yoovidhaya is accused of knocking down and killing a policeman while speeding in 2012.

Brexit: Tusk says UK trade deal not a priority

bbc.co.uk : 1.5 hours ago

EU leader Donald Tusk says Brexit talks must focus on "people, money and Ireland" - not future trade.

Macedonia parliament stormed by protesters in Skopje

bbc.co.uk : 1.8 hours ago

Scores are injured in fights after an ethnic Albanian was elected parliamentary speaker.

US budget: Scramble to avoid government shutdown

bbc.co.uk : 1.8 hours ago

Lawmakers have only hours to pass a bill that will temporarily extend federal funding.

Facebook 'observed propaganda efforts' by governments

bbc.co.uk : 2 hours ago

The social network says it has seen highly organised attempts to manipulate information on the site.

Female Islamic clerics in Indonesia issue rare child marriage fatwa

bbc.co.uk : 2.1 hours ago

Indonesia, a majority Muslim country, has among the highest number of child brides in the world.

Trump talks about what he misses from previous life

bbc.co.uk : 2.5 hours ago

Donald Trump has spoken about what he misses about his life before he was president.

Five things

bbc.co.uk : 2.8 hours ago

Iran is holding elections for its next president on 19 May - here are five reasons to be interested.

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