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GOP establishment strikes back after Alabama

msnbc.com : 9 minutes ago

Fmr. GOP Rep. Tom Davis comments on the conflict between Steve Bannon and the Republican establishment and how it will impact the GOP's chances in 2018.

Friday's Mini-Report, 12.15.17

msnbc.com : 10 minutes ago

Today's edition of quick hits.

Why can't Trump's judicial nominee answer basic legal questions?

msnbc.com : 12 minutes ago

Former Chief spokesman for the U.S. Justice Department Matt Miller reacts to Donald Trump's judicial nominee and why The President has had so many judicial nominees.

How has the Senate's tax proposal failed to keep promises?

msnbc.com : 13 minutes ago

Bloomberg's Sahil Kapur says Americans will not feel a tax cut. For Fact's Sake, how has the tax proposal failed to keep its promises?

Watts: President is degrading the integrity of the FBI

msnbc.com : 15 minutes ago

Former FBI special agent Clint Watts reacts to President Trump's FBI critique.

Monumental American Ida Tarbell inspired antitrust laws

msnbc.com : 17 minutes ago

Description: Instead of taking statues down let's put up a statue of a Monumental American like Journalist Ida Tarbell who exposed unfair business practices in the early 1900s.

Watts: Trump's world is 'all about sides'

msnbc.com : 28 minutes ago

Former FBI Special Agent Clint Watts discusses what Trump's attacks on the FBI will have on Mueller's investigation.

North Korea must earn right to talks, says US Secretary of State Tillerson

bbc.co.uk : 38 minutes ago

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson toughens his stance after earlier offering talks with no preconditions.

Matthew Petersen: Trump's nominee for judge flubs law test

bbc.co.uk : 47 minutes ago

Matthew Petersen's hearing goes wrong quickly when a Republican senator poses basic legal questions.

GOP senator abandons his principles, flips to 'yes' on tax plan

msnbc.com : 1 hours ago

Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) made a public commitment on his party's tax plan. Then he threw it away -- for no practical reason.

Rep. Schiff: GOP "increasingly worried," pushing to shut down Russia investigation

msnbc.com : 1.4 hours ago

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) joins Nicolle Wallace on Deadline: White House to discuss the future of the Russia investigation

Austrian far right to return to coalition under conservative Sebastian Kurz

bbc.co.uk : 1.6 hours ago

Centre-right leader Sebastian Kurz is set to become Europe's youngest prime minister under the deal.

'Shocking apathy' to fraternity drinking at Pennsylvania university

bbc.co.uk : 1.8 hours ago

Penn State allowed "sadistic" rituals and failed to protect its students, a blistering report finds.

Trump escalates his FBI feud, laments the...

msnbc.com : 1.9 hours ago

As a former FBI special agent recently put it, Donald Trump "will say nary a negative word about the Russians, but will insult us every chance he gets."

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