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Syria war: Air strikes in Eastern Ghouta 'kill 500'

bbc.co.uk : 4 minutes ago

On the seventh day of government bombing of a rebel enclave, the UN struggles to agree a ceasefire.

India groom killed in Odisha after wedding gift explodes

bbc.co.uk : 57 minutes ago

A man and his grandmother were killed when a parcel bomb disguised as a wedding gift exploded.

Charged 'Putin's chef' runs news sites along with troll army

yahoo.com : 57 minutes ago

MOSCOW (AP) - He's been indicted in the U.S. for meddling in the 2016 presidential election with an army of trolls and his private military company has trodden battlefields in Ukraine and Syria....

South Africa police station raid: Seven suspects shot dead

bbc.co.uk : 1.4 hours ago

Seven people accused of killing South African police are killed in a shoot-out at a church.

Remembering Billy Graham

msnbc.com : 2 hours ago

Hugh Hewitt remembers the legendary Rev. Billy Graham and pays tribute to who he was and what he accomplished with a short monologue.

Joanna Demafelis: Employers of Filipina maid found dead in freezer arrested

bbc.co.uk : 2 hours ago

The husband and wife employers of a Filipina maid found dead in a freezer are arrested in Syria.

The BBC's John Simpson: How I became a Czech honeytrap target

bbc.co.uk : 2.1 hours ago

The BBC's World Affairs editor says he "was getting in a bit deep" so he told the BBC, who brought in MI5.

Guns in America

msnbc.com : 2.2 hours ago

Hugh Hewitt is joined by his panel of, Sahil Kapur, Ashley Parker, Jake Sherman and Niall Stanage, to discuss the Parkland shooting and what the government needs to do to fix this school shooting...

This Week in God, 2.24.18

msnbc.com : 2.7 hours ago

Donald Trump's EPA chief, Scott Pruitt, believes he has a justification for his far-right approach to environmental policy: the Bible.

Somalia al-Shabab: Deadly double car bombing near presidential palace

bbc.co.uk : 3.3 hours ago

At least 38 people are killed in Mogadishu in attacks claimed by the al-Shabab militant group.

Florida shooting: Firms abandon NRA amid consumer boycott

bbc.co.uk : 3.3 hours ago

Several corporate partners abandon the US gun lobby in the wake of the deadly school shooting.

Trump-Russia: Manafort 'paid European ex-politicians'

bbc.co.uk : 3.8 hours ago

An ex-European chancellor is among those alleged to have been paid by Paul Manafort.

Red Cross reveals 21 staff paid for sexual services

bbc.co.uk : 4.6 hours ago

The humanitarian aid agency reveals 21 staff have left for sexual misconduct since 2015.

Afghanistan: Soldiers killed in wave of attacks

bbc.co.uk : 4.9 hours ago

More than 25 people, most of them from the army, have been killed in a wave of attacks.

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